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Cogan Management & Consultancy is one of the leading Human Resource management firms in Singapore.

Since 1997, we have serviced countless company owners in need of human resource by providing them with talented professionals and skilled workers from Singapore, Philippines, India, China, Myanmar and Malaysia.

While primarily we function as a middleman, we actually take our role a step further by meticulously screening all aspects of suitability between any perspective employer and employee before we allow a union.

To the employer, we want only a good and dependable worker to enter your respectable work premise. As such, we not only ensure that he is competent for the job scope you delegate, but also embraces a good work attitude.

To the job-seeker, we want the best for you. The best working environment, the best advancement prospects and of course, the best pay packages. We will seek the best for you, as long as you have the right attitude.

Cogan is not just concerned about earning commissions. Our stoic ethics and principles have always been our badge of trustworthiness, and this is widely recognized by those who had worked with us.

It is Cogan's prerogative to create a happy marriage between both the employer and job seeker.

As such, we never rush our clients into anything. Only when both parties are happy with each other do we solemnize the marriage.

Our job is only accomplished when the job seeker has settled in smoothly and is functioning productively in his working premise.

We also undertake the task of resolving all administrative issues which can arise through engaging human resource, especially those related to hiring foreign manpower. No worries, because Cogan will take all these right out of your hands and do everything related to your human resource needs from start to finish.

So you can see, Cogan is certainly more than just a middle-man between employer and job seeker.

You can be rest assured that your trust in Cogan will not be misplaced.

Look for us, and we will do the rest for you.

About The Founder

Cogan is advised by a Board of Directors comprising of Mechanical Engineering professionals, Human Resource practitioners and other experienced consultants of various fields. Their rich combined working experiences have helped to ensure a consistent level of high quality service towards our clients.

Led by Director Mr. C.O. Gan, who has vast experience in HR management and manpower recruitment, Cogan has seen a steady upward slope in company performance since its establishment. Indeed, Mr. Gan's strong belief in embracing a sincere and honest attitude towards his clients, coupled by pure hard work, is the ultimate factor as to why Cogan is one of the most recognized names in Singapore's HR management companies today.

Our Successes

To date, we have successfully recruited numerous IT professionals for several leading banks in Singapore, such as the Bank of Tokyo, the Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation and the United Overseas Bank.

Last year, Cogan made strategic alliances with Trustmoor Consultancy from the UK and IDK Consulting Pte Ltd from Australia to recruit medical field professionals for hospitals in the UK and Australia.

Cogan had also worked with Alcatel's Vacuum Pumps Division as well as Aqua Gen - a seawater desalination plant in Singapore - to seek human resource for these two major companies.

To mention all of Cogan's clients - big and small - in a few paragraphs is hardly possible. But at the bottom line, we just want to make a point.

Countless companies, professionals and skilled workers from various fields had benefited from Cogan's efforts, and these success stories are certainly solid testimonies of Cogan's ability to service our clients efficiently and effectively.




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